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Expert Witness
If your firm or agency is in need of an expert witness in law enforcement procedures in arrest, suspect or crowd control, prisoner transportation, vehicular pursuit and "Objectively Reasonable Use of Force", "Cliff Jobe Consulting LLC" has the training, certification, field and courtroom experience to assist you in assessing and presenting your case in the manner in which the Constitution, Court and Community expect and require of law enforcement professionals.
Expert Instructor
In addition to the 38 years of vast police investigative experience, Cliff has 20 years of experience in basic and advanced instruction for all levels of law enforcement and the community.
Cliff has developed, implimented and instructed many training programs for Response to Critical Incidents including schools, major community facilities such as malls, prisons, government buildings etc.
Expert in Training and Policy Development
If your Department is in need of training, review or explanation of arrest and control tactics, or review of policy and training in any law enforcement area that will require intervention with citizen or situation, "Cliff Jobe Consulting LLC" can assess and help you update your policies as well as updating and strengthening your training programs.
Cliff was the Pennsylvania State Police Commander assigned to develop training and tactical plans for crowd control and site security, in co-ordination with the Pittsburgh City Police Department for the G-20 Summit, Pittsburgh, Pa. 2009.

Expert in Case Review and Preparation

Cliff Jobe has provided eighteen years of "expert opinions" that have been accepted by the Courts of the United States and the State of Pennsylvania. His expertise has been accepted in all venues to date.
Cliff has served as a "expert consultant" for numerous District Attorneys as well as the the Office of the Attorney's General for the State of Pennsylvania and numerous private Defense Attorneys.
Curriculum Vitae available upon request.